EU 2010 Rapeseed Output Seen Slightly Higher

Oil World say that the EU-27 will produced 21.5 MMT of rapeseed in 2010, a 300,000 MT, or 1.4%, increase on the 21.2 MMT output of 2009.

Early reports suggest that UK plantings will increase from just over 570,000 hectares to around 610-630,000 ha. That potentially gives us a crop of around 2.1 MMT this summer (from 1.9 MMT in 2009).

The German Statistical Office said yesterday that winter rapeseed plantings there were 1.6% higher for 2010 at 1.5 million hectares.

That reaffirms Germany as potentially Europe's largest producer of the seed, as FranceAgriMer peg winter plantings there down slightly - 0.4% lower at 1.47 million ha.

Canadian production will increase slightly, to 12-12.5 MMT from 11.8 MMT in 2009, say Oil World.

The State committee of Statistics of Ukraine says that farmers there planted 1.4 million hectares of winter rapeseed for 2010, down 19,800 ha, or 1.9%. Despite plantings being down UkrAgroConsult estimate that Ukraine will produce 2.1 MMT of rapeseed in 2010, a 17% increase on 2009 due to better yields and fewer crop losses.