GB Feed Production Latest

Latest figures from Defra show that GB animal feed production was up 3.6% in November 20009 year-on-year. That takes output for the current marketing year to date (starting July 1st) just marginally higher, up 0.6%.

For the crop year so far cattle & calf feed production is up 1.6%, and poultry feed output up 0.2%. Pig and sheep feed production are down by 2.9% and 4.6% respectively.

Just over 1.14 MMT of wheat and 300,000 MT of barley has been incorporated into compound feed during the Jul/Nov period, that's a 0.9% reduction in wheat usage and a 3.1% increase for barley inclusion.

It is interesting to note that wheat usage in September was 1.2% higher year-on-year, but fell back sharply to be 9-10% lower in both October and November. Barley usage meanwhile went the other way, from -2% in September to +29% by November.

Usage of wheatfeed was down by 7% in September and 9% in October, but increased significantly in November, although still 0.3% down on a year ago, as compounders took advantage of cheap October prices and switched formulations to incorporate more of the cereal substitute.

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