German Farmers Plant More Wheat

German farmers, like their fellow European chums (stop mentioning the war will you, we're all mates together now), have planted 3% more winter wheat for the 2010 harvest than they did for 2009, say the German Statistics Office.

Overall 3.27 million hectares of the stuff has gone into the ground they say, that's 90,000 more than last time, and the largest area given over to wheat since German unification.

Given the rate that German barley is pouring into intervention, it's no huge surprise that farmers there are coming to the same conclusion as their French and British brethren. Wheat is the lesser of two evils.

French wheat plantings are also up 3% to 4.89 million hectares say FranceAgriMer, whilst here in the UK farmers have reluctantly planted around 10% more of the crop, boosting sowings to around 2 million hectares.