USDA Weekly Export Sales

For the period December 25-31, 2009 the USDA report the following sales/exports:


Net sales of 726,100 MT included 452,600 MT for China. Trade expectations were for sales of 600-850,000 MT. Actual shipments were a robust 1,179,000 MT with half of that (641,100 MT) going to China.


Net sales of 364,700 MT were mainly for Mexico (165,600 MT) and Cuba (125,000 MT). Trade estimates for weekly sales were 450-650,000 MT. Actual exports were 798,100 MT with Japan (298,100 MT), South Korea (170,400 MT), and Mexico (131,600 MT) the main homes.


Net sales of just 93,400 MT were very poor, a marketing-year low in fact. The trade had been expecting sales of 250-450,000 MT. Exports of 244,200 MT were also slow with Nigeria (102,100 MT) the main destination.