Pakistan To Sell Wheat To Weatherspoons

No sooner have the Indian Ministry of Lying come out with a statement saying that they'd been knocked over with buying interest for their carefully stored wheat surplus, than arch rivals and neighbours Pakistan chip in.

They might sell 2 MMT of wheat for export, they say. They're supposed to have 5 MMT of wheat in store (although they might find that some of it has already left the country "unofficially"), and quite fancy offloading some before new crop comes in, they reckon.

I'll be surprised if they find a huge queue of willing takers.

It was only a few days ago that they admitted that they have problems adequately storing wheat for more than a year. So why not sell it off ten minutes before the sell-by date runs out eh? Maybe they should give Weatherspoons a ring?

Incidentally, my old Weatherspoons local used to be known with affection as "The Three Dings" on account of when you heard three dings you knew that your food was about to leave the kitchen.