They're At It Yet Again Those Cheeky Chinese Chaps

Ever keen on making a quick yuan, regardless of the risk to public health, it seems that the Chinese are stunningly at it yet again. Seemingly unperturbed by minutae like the death sentence being dished out to some of those involved in the melamine in baby milk scam, the latest whimsical ruse consists of adding pulverised lime to bleaching agents for flour.

No I don't mean the sort of lime you pop into the top of your bottle of Sol to keep the flies out either.

Good old inedible pulverised lime is not only cheaper than its edible counterpart corn starch, but it also weighs more. Double bubble, you might say.

Sure, there's a few minor side effects, like complete failure of the entire respiratory system, but hey you could get knocked down by a rickshaw tomorrow couldn't you?

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