Nogger's Top Ten

Stayed up until 1am last night just because I stumbled across a Radiohead top ten on one of the music channels whilst channel hopping and wanted to see the "No Surprises" video.

Which put me in mind of a Nogger Top Ten songs. Here they are in no particular order and subject to change:

1. No Surprises, Radiohead - no surprises there then
2. Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol
3. Dream Catch Me, Newton Faulkner
4, Handbags & Gladrags, Stereophonics
5. Poker, ELO
6. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, David Gray
7. The Scientist, Coldplay
8. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pink Floyd
9. Supper's Ready, Genesis
10. The Friends of Mr Cairo, Jon & Vangelis

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