Germany: One More Game Before Harvest

The Germans have just enough time for one more game in the FIFA World Cup before their 2010 harvest begins, according to my new chum Joachim Ruhmann.

The winter barley harvest will begin in East Germany in around a week's time, he says, followed by a busy rapeseed and wheat harvest starting in late July.

The barley harvest is expected to kick off in the Frühdruschgebieten district of Saxony next week, with farmers there expecting average yields of 6.3-6.5 tonnes/ha, says Joachim.

The rapeseed harvest is likely to begin around three weeks after that in late July. OSR yields are particularly difficult to predict this year, due to the extremely long flowering period witnessed in the spring, says Saxon Farmers' Andreas Jahne.

The rapeseed and wheat harvests look like coinciding this year, "the danger is that everything is pretty crowded," says Jahne, adding that wheat yields are expected to be "about average".

After that comes the corn crop, which is only developing slowly after a cold May and subsequent lack of adequate rainfall, he adds.