German Harvest Latest

My man Joachim in Germany, reports that early rapeseed yields are coming in at around 3.5-4.0 MT/ha this year. That's some 10-20% down on last season, although as Joachim points out last year was an exceptional year for yields.

He expects better results from rapeseed grown on heavier soils. Oil levels are currently coming in at around 41-43%, with moisture as low as 6%, reflecting the very dry finish to the season.

In the Rhine Valley the first wheats are also being harvested. Yields are coming in at 7-8 MT/ha, a good result for the area, although protein levels are surprisingly low, Joachim says.

The barley harvest in East Germany is virtually complete, and has produced surprisingly good bushel weights. In the Brandenburg region 65-69kg/hl is common, he adds. Ex farm prices off the combine here are around EUR101-102.50/tonne, with EUR110 available for September collection, he says.