German Harvest Latest

Joachim, our German correspondent, reports that the grain harvest in the north of the country has resumed after interruptions by rain. In wheat quality continues to be varied. Yields in the west have continued to come in 10-25% lower than last season, although some wheat brought in on lighter soils have yielded quite well. Bushel weights are also varied, between 68-78 kg/hl.

The wheat harvest has yet to begin in the central mountain areas and the south west, where the cooler temperatures mean that the wheat is not yet ripe.

Current ex farm values vary from between EUR150-165 depending on area and quality, says Joachim.

First results from rye suggest that the crop has coped better with the heat and drought than wheat. Malting barley continues to disappoint and the rapeseed harvest is far from over with yields and oil content only "average" he adds.