My Faith In Human Kindness

Has been both shattered and restored in the same blinking day! Restoring it, and proving than not everybody needs to turn every single thing they do into an "earner", and that sometimes complete strangers will just do you a favour for the hell of it, is John Hollis of JT Hollis Farms Ltd. Clearly a top man. Thanks for the assistance John.

Now then, which large grain merchant was responsible for doing the shattering this morning then I hear you ask. Oh, that's an interesting one isn't it? The most disappointing thing about it is that I haven't really got the time to have a laugh at their expense this afternoon, that may have to wait until next week. It will be very funny when it happens though, especially on this market, so keep watching!

Which reminds me of the previous occasion that somebody "extracted the Michael" only to subsequently find that an advert for KW had suddenly popped up on their website as if by magic! I LOVE computers and the internet I do.