Russian Harvest Latest

Latest official figures show the Russian harvest limping along producing 51 MMT of grains to date from 74% of the forecast combinable area.

The region worst affected by the drought, the Volga district, has seen production slump to just 1 MT/ha.

Whilst most of the harvest is nearing completion in southern and central areas, it's not yet past halfway further east in Siberia.

So far the nation's wheat harvest has produced just 34.3 MMT at an average yield of 2.07 MT/ha off 74% of the forecast area. That would normally suggest a final crop of around 46 MMT, but high levels of abandonment could knock another 5 MMT or so off that yet.

Barley production currently stands at 7.5 MMT, corn at 1.1 MMT and rapeseed output at 500,000 MT. The sunflower harvest is only around 14% complete, producing 1.2 MMT so far.

Winter grain sowings currently stand at 5.8 million ha, around a third of what they would like to get into the ground.