Statistics Can Be Made To Prove Anything

So they say. Which got me thinking, where statistically would be the best place for a bloke to go on a Saturday night to pull a bit of hot totty, more or less guaranteeing you a bit of horizontal lurve action? In a purely hypothetical way of course, MrsN#3 hasn't suddenly stopped doing the hoovering or anything.

Well, statistics show that of the estimated 135 million new babies born worldwide every year, approximately 70 million are boys and 65 million are girls. Boys continue to outnumber girls until about age 40, when the ratio evens out. Usually around the time of your first divorce, coincidentally. By the age of 85, women outnumber men almost 2-to-1.

Nottingham is of course renowned as being the place in the UK with the largest percentage of females to males.

So there we have it unequivocally, Nottingham Darby & Joan Club on a Saturday night is statistically the sex capital of the world.

"87 you say? Fascinating. Get you zimmer frame love you've pulled, don't worry about your teeth you won't be needing them..."