UK Harvest Latest

ADAS say that the UK wheat harvest has advanced to around 65% complete, and although yields are more variable than normal they reckon we will only see a fairly modest 3-4% dip below the five year average to 7.6-7.7 MT/ha.

Winter barley harvesting is finished with yields below average at 6.2-6.3 MT/ha.

Spring barley is around 75% done in good old England and Wales, and around 55% complete in the land of the ginger people to the north. (No not the Welsh, I've already mentioned them, that other lot who wear skirts and eat sheep's gall bladders and say "the noo" all the time). Yields are around 5.0-5.2 MT/ha versus 5.4 MT/ha normally.

Winter OSR is finished with yields up 12% to 3.7 MT/ha. Spring OSR harvesting has, in the words of Karen Carpenter, only just begun.