UK Feed Production Jumps In July

Latest figures from Defra reveal that retail production of feedstuffs in July was up 7.3% from year ago levels.

Well it would be up wouldn't it, there's no point looking a gift horse in the mouth is there? Like handing out free sandwiches at the Dairy Event, you're going to find plenty of takers aren't you?

From what I hear if you'd have been handing out hummus and marmite ryvitas you'd have had your hands snatched off yesterday, such was the average attendees' enthusiasm for some freebie nosebag.

"Come with me Betty, I bought ten ton of cake of these buggers in 1974, I think that entitles us to a bit of smoked salmon, don't you. Look, scones! Open your handbag love."

How busy will everybody be come the winter when all the prices rises are factored in? That could be an entirely different matter. Some might find that they handed out more cheap cake in July than they do in October.