I Thought It Was The British Who Loved Queueing

25/11/10 -- You can tell it's a no news sort of a day can't you? The French are attempting to usurp the British pastime of queueing it would seem, after a Parisian woman stayed locked in her bathroom for twenty days.

They say that as if it's some sort of record? MrsN#1 used to start getting ready for the Christmas night out in August. No, now come on, I'm NOT going to do the one about her being so ugly that when she got into the sandpit to play with the kids the cat used to cover her up again, that would be cruel at this festive time of year.

Don't worry, the woman's alright like, I mean she wouldn't have been short of a drink now would she? She may have lost a few pounds granted, but at least she'd have had ample time to give the place a really good clean. You can read all about it here. They don't give us her name sadly, but I'd just love it if it was Fatima Arbuckle.