Snow Patrol

25/11/10 -- It's falling steadily here in North Yorks, and the sky looks heavily laden with plenty more of the white stuff.

The BBC are saying that this is the earliest widespread snowfall for 17 years. I assume they mean in England, where it matters. The Jocks are used to it aren't they, they've probably not even bothered taking the sunloungers in up there yet. And it's not like they've got an infrastructure to disrupt anyway is it?

Chris Fawkes (he's a nice Guy), from the BBC Weather Centre, says "5-13cm (2-5in) of snow was expected in low-lying areas later, but places like the North York Moors, which were particularly exposed to the north-east wind, could see falls of up to 20cm."

A spokesman for the national DIY chain Poltergeist-base said "snow shovels and wellington boots are flying off the shelves."