The British Livestock Sector

01/12/10 -- Feed prices are continuing to rise rapidly, in stark contrast to the end returns that the nation's livestock farmers are getting.

This article in the Yorkshire Post highlights the plight of the average British pig farmer right now: Pig industry is facing another price fall crisis

As the article points out, the almost instant rise in feed prices has not and will not be met by a similarly swift increase in pork prices. "The trouble is, there is plenty of pork in the chain," they say.

Much of the pork in the chain is unfortunately imported. I was dismayed to literally have to meticulously search through the bacon and ham joints on offer during a rare trip to the local Sainsbury's on Monday to find British meat on offer.

Not that I'm singling Sainsbugs out for being the only one of the major supermarkets to be guilty of such nefarious practices you understand. The Co-op for all their eco-friendly buy British food ethic rhetoric have recently been serving up BOGOF's on Danish bacon.

Our chums on the continent are of course also feeling the pinch of rising feed prices, leading to increased slaughterings and pork being dumped onto our domestic market, depressing prices over here.

Buy British, whilst you still can.