Going Down: Chicken Tikka Masala

01/12/10 -- The totally un-British (and totally un-Indian also come to that) dish that for years has supposedly been Britain's favourite has apparently been relegated to third spot in the Premiership.

Yes, bland-as-buggery Chicken Tikka Masala fell to third in a recent survey by culinary appliance makers Kenwood I'm pleased to report.

I'm even more delighted to reveal that it was good old fashioned steak and chips that knocked the creamy yellow lumpy mush of it's perch. You can't get more British than that can you? Note I said chips not French Fries.

Second? Spag Bol, with pizza in fourth. Fancy a prawn cocktail to go with your steak for the classic British ultimate dining out experience of the 80's? You got one sunshine in fifth place.

Just to prove what a fantastic and diverge culinary isle we are tomato soup popped up in sixth.

Just in case you're interested, and I know that you are, braised lamb shank came in seventh, garlic bread eighth, chilli con carne ninth and lasagne tenth.

A little over heavy on the Italian theme there methinks, but at least they kept the McDonalds Happy Meal at bay.

Gutted to see no place for a full English breakfast mind, or even a token bacon butty.