The Daily Mirror

11/06/11 -- Tabloid rag The Daily Mirror carries the shocking headline "1 in 4 women will be beaten by husbands."

I'm surprised it isn't higher than that, all three of mine have been rubbish at Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, football, arm wrestling and the like, I used to beat them all the time. #3 reckons she's better than me at pool, she isn't it's just these new glasses that I've got. I'm struggling to think of anything that #2 was good at apart from smoking and drinking Bacardi. No, that was it. And as for #1 there was pretty much only one thing she was any good at as well, and lets just say it didn't usually involve me.

The Mirror, in their inimitable style, decided to accompany their sensitive editorial with an Asda ad pushing buying the Rocky Balboa DVD for Father's Day! You think I'm joking don't you? Oh no I'm not