News Snippets

13/06/11 -- China's winter wheat harvest is around 60% done, according to the Ministry there.

The euro is weaker as rifts widen to caverns between EU policymakers on how much rope, and who is providing it, they continue to let Greece have.

London and Paris wheat is lower after weekend rains. We got 12.7mm here in North Yorks yesterday, with a modest 0.8mm so far this morning but more looking likely. Paris has picked up 18mm in the past 24 hours.

Brazil will produce a record 161.5 MMT of grains/oilseeds in 2010/11, according to Conab. Planted area was up 3.8% but production rose 8.2%, including a 9.2% rise in soybean output to 75 MMT, they add.

Ukraine is cracking on with it's spring corn planting campaign with sowings up almost 40% on last year, according to the Ag Ministry there.

Crude oil is sinking, down USD1.37 to USD97.92/barrel at midday, on reports that Saudi Arabia will go it alone and up it's output by 10 million barrels/day next month.