Parisian Walkways

05/06/11 -- The old Parisian walkways may be a bit slippy underfoot after picking up 16mm of rain in the past 24 hours (to 9am Sunday), see the various radar images which are clickable to enlarge.

Some of these rains may make it across the channel and into the south (and if you're luck even the south east) later today, providing some heavy downpours in places, according to the BBC.

It looks like northern Germany largely missed out on much of this needed moisture however, although the Beeb are giving them the chance of picking up some heavy rainfalls Tuesday/Wednesday.

There's more rain on the cards for Paris early next week, with Accuweather forecasting an 88% chance on Monday and a 92% chance on Tuesday before the outlook turns a bit drier later in the week.

Berlin has an 88% chance of rain today, rising to 92% tomorrow, 70% Tuesday and 88% Wednesday, according to Accuweather. Thunderstorms are likely with temperatures today set to hit highs of 30C before things cool off a little later in the week, they forecast.

Rain moving up from the Med, pushing north and eastwards should even make it into Poland by Tuesday, according to the BBC.

At home it's turned much cooler as the wind turns north-easterly. Here in North Yorks we had a daytime high of 25.7C on Thursday, 25.4C Friday and just 15.4C on Saturday. No rain yet so far this month though.