06/06/11 -- My Sussex correspondent reports 27mm of rain in the past twelve hours (to 6am this morning) and tells me that it's still raining now.

That almost matches the 31mm total that he's seen since February.

Up here in North Yorks we had a cool, grey and relatively dry weekend, picking up just 0.5mm around 6pm last night. We did see 49mm in May though, much of it in the last week of the month.

It looks like rain did eventually make it into central and western Germany in late afternoon and early evening last night too judging by the 6pm UK time radar image (click to enlarge). Meanwhile those Parisian walkways must be soaking by now, they've had 76mm in the 24 hours to 08.30 this morning.

If your down in the SE "danger zone" or even on the continent, email me what your rainfall situation is looking like this morning and I'll post the results up later.