Ukraine Latest

09/06/11 -- Whilst reading various reports suggesting that all is maybe not quite as rosy as the Ag Ministry in Ukraine are making out, I though that the sensible thing to do was check out what my good buddy over there has to say:

"The dry weather is just starting to stress plants particularly in the middle of the day...Harvest estimates at this stage are still good."

Not quite a crisis yet then. You can check out his full report here.

Rain is forecast today in central and western parts, which will be beneficial to newly planted spring crops. The Ministry report spring sowings on 7.6 million hectares, up 136,000 ha on last year. Corn has been planted on 3.4m ha, almost 700,000 ha more than last year, with 3.9m ha going into sunflower production and 1.1m ha now being planted with soybeans.