You Can't Teach Your Grandad To Suck Eggs

22/06/11 -- Hands up then who remembers wheat at GBP210.00/tonne? I do, and when it got there I recall posting that upside was surely limited. One young spunker in the trade who posts on Twitter under the moniker of Liffewheat begged to differ however. Now we are all entitled to our opinion, and I for one would claim to be far from infallible, but I will give my opinion and the reasons why, and they are all here for all to see.

This guys "tweets" however I admit got right up my nose. So I couldn't resist on having a bit of a go at him on the dog's blog, he posted: "Some joker called Nogger trying to call a top to London wheat .... for the twenty fifth time!" Preceded by "Brokers say the only seller is Openfield." And "Liverpool grain dinner on Friday night, all the talk was of how short of wheat the feed mills are for the summer. Some real fear smelt.." (I will let the bad grammar go for now).

To which I replied: "You know now that you mention it I can smell something, although it isn't fear. Erm, you wouldn't be long by any chance would you son, and do you want to buy any more?"

He never replied, and surprisingly when I tried to find all his old posts on Twitter tonight they've all been deleted.

So Liffeswheat, if ever you fancy a beard-growing or girl kissing contest do be sure to let me know as soon as you've left the comfort of living at your Mum & Dads.