Greggs To Target Motorists

19/10/11 -- On a desperately dull no news sort of a day everybody's favourite pasty purveyor Greggs are to start opening up at motorway service stations I read on the BBC here.

MrsN#1 was no stranger to the pie counter at Greggs that's for sure. She went away to stay at her sisters once and I pulled this cracking bird down the pub and took her back to the house. Of course when we got there this bird took one look at a picture on the mantelpiece and said "you cheeky sod, that's you and your missus and two kids there isn't it, you told me you were single." Thinking on my feet I replied "yes, it's all very sad she's passed away." Of course her little heart melted, as I knew it would, and she was mine.

In the morning she said "it must be really difficult for a working man, bringing up two children on his own like that and this place is immaculate, I really admire you, how do you do it?"

I said "nah, it's not been that hard so far, she only died yesterday and the kids are staying at their Grans this week."