Russian Exports

19/12/11 -- According to RusAgroTrans Russia grain exports were 15 MMT in the Jul/Nov period. With December's exports forecast at 2.5 MMT (similar to November's) that means that they should stand around 17.5 MMT at the end of the year.

If they continue at that rate in the new year than they are scheduled to hit their supposed 24-25 MMT limit mid-March 2012.

Looks like Christmas is coming late for Kazakhstan this year.

I wonder if Egypt already has any Russian wheat bought for delivery after this date? And if they do, what is Russia going to do about it? They aren't going to pull the plug on the world's largest wheat buyer two seasons in succession surely? And if they did what would Egypt have to say about it when the Russians come calling again once they have the 2012 harvest in the bag? That could depress prices then if the Russians simply say, OK we might be a bit unreliable so how cheap do we need to be now to get the order?

Questions, questions...