Ukraine Crops

19/12/11 -- Ukraine's Ag Ministry report only 27% of winter grains to be in good condition, with 39% rated satisfactory and 34% looking weak or thinned. On the rapeseed front things are pretty much split three ways, with around a third of the crop placed in each of the three categories.

One of the zillions of useful things about the blog is it's not too difficult to go back and see how things looked a year ago. To save you my busy reader the time and effort of having to do so, here's how things looked pre-Christmas in 2010:

"21/12/10 -- The Ukraine Ministry report that less than 7% of winter crops are in poor condition....Winter wheat is rated an impressive 57% good and 37% satisfactory. Barley is rated 44% good and 46% satisfactory, with OSR pegged at 54% and 36% respectively."

To save you the trouble of reaching for the calculator or using your fingers to add it up, you bone idle lot, that tells us that 6% of Ukraine's wheat was in a "two and eight" a year ago versus 34% now, with 10% of the rape crop looking sicker than Kim Jong-il compared to 33% this year.