Nogger's Newsround

22/02/12 -- Kazakhstan's Ag Ministry say that the country will only have an average grain harvest of 13-15 MMT in 2012, around half of the post Soviet era record 2011 output as yields return to "normal" levels.

The country will export 15 MMT of grain in 2011/12, they add. They'd better get their skates on then. The 2012 wheat planted area will fall 2% to 13.5 million ha, they say.

Taiwan has bought 58,000 MT of Brazilian soybeans for Mar/Apr shipment overnight.

Japan says it's returned to buying US corn of late due to existing purchases from Ukraine being delayed by bad weather in the Black Sea.

Russia says that it won't stop shipping grain to Iran unless told to do so by the UN as to do so would be "inhuman".

Every man, woman and child in Australia ate an average 213 eggs each in 2011 I read with incredulity. Sales of senna pods must also be booming Down Under.

Stick insects can go a million years without sex, according to this report from the BBC. If you'd been married to MrsN#1 you wouldn't find that very hard to believe at all.

Other fascinating trivia is the news that the male water boatman insect "sings" with his penis. Any special requests? Pull the other one.