04/03/12 -- No, Mrs N#3 hasn't finally seen the light and chucked me out. Have you seen the price of bin bags these days, you'd think that they were made of gold leaf or something. So it looks like I'm too expensive to get rid of and she's stuck with me.

No, I've been moving a few things around on the old blog. A bit of spring cleaning. I decided that the widget and charts that have been living in the right hand column more or less since I started the blog were cluttering things up.

We've also had a few instances of one or two people "borrowing" some of this content to put on their own websites. Yes shocking I know, but that is the world we live in today. Too many people want something for nothing.

I was reading a market report the other week from a Turkish-based outfit called, ever heard of them? Well I got part-way through their in depth 10-page market report and thought hmmm, that sounds familiar, and so it should it was written by me and simply copied and pasted in there without a donation to the "buy Nogger a beer" fund or balls all let alone any permission. Not attributed to anyone but themselves.

So a few things have moved. Partly to attempt to stop them being so easily nicked, partly to expand a little on what's available and partly just to try out some new stuff. (Colin - the forex rates are only still there for you alone, but will also be relocating as soon as I sort them out too). It also means that there are one or two new advertising slots available for those who don't expect something for nothing every day of the week 24/7. Maybe the plagiarising sweaty Turks would like to get in touch?

For all you one man bands out in cyberspace, this isn't a begging letter (!!) keep your money in your pocket and sit back and enjoy. Click the market info link at the top of the page to access the widget and view a few new-look charts.

Incidentally, whilst putting this page together I noticed that these charts can be a bit slow to load up in IE, so if that is your browser of choice then have a little patience. If you are using Firefox they are much faster to load and almost instantaneous in Chrome.