It Was 50 Years Ago Today

26/03/14 -- Not quite how the line from Sgt Pepper went, but close enough. This was me (I'm the cute one on the left) 50 years ago today (I think).

So bollocks to work for 24 hours, but the pubs aren't open yet, so what's a boy to do to fill in his morning?

Well, the pubs might not be open yet, but the shops are. And it is my birthday, so I do feel like treating myself.

But what shall I buy?

Well, as it happens it cannot be a coincidence that they've just brought this out at around 4pm yesterday can it? The HTC One M8

Just as it was no coincidence that Everton thrashed the pants off Newcastle last night. That was also arranged to coincide with Happy Nogger Day. Have you seen the first one yet? The one that all the papers are talking about? The others were pretty decent too.

You can have a look at them all here: Ross Barkley "Wonder Goal"

Right, where's me coat....