Anode Feeds And Other Stuff

20/05/14 -- Ian Tremain is back! Five years after leaving Tremains Ltd, Ian Tremain has re-entered the animal feed supply business and launched Anode Feeds Ltd.

 “An anode emits a positive charge and I felt the name reflected what I’d like a new company to feel like”, said Ian.

Anode Feeds will operate out of a former poultry mill in Cannington, near Bridgwater and will be exclusively supplying the trade with feed ingredients, meal and blends.

 “We have the ability to make small runs and bespoke diets and while we can supply bulk feeds, our point of difference will be our ability to provide tote and small bags competitively”. Further information can be found by contacting Ian on 07811 198979.

Who says that there's no such thing as a free lunch? Ian's just had one. I'm sure his finger will be simply itching to hit the donate button, seeing as my lunchtime is also looming. Very thirsty work this blogging malarkey you know.

Meanwhile, sugar beet. Does anybody want any? I've got a bit of SupaFlow to shift this month. POA. For you I make speshial price beautiful lady/handsome genitalman etc, etc.

Wheatfeed coming out of every orifice too. Erm, I mean only a couple of loads left. Selling faster than tickets to Yaya Toures' birthday party that stuff...