German Grain Production Latest

Grain production estimates in Germany have been revised slightly higher by the association of German farm cooperatives (DRV), saying that a cool and wet May/June period has aided yields.

This means that the German grain harvest this season will total 47.8 MMT, they say, that's 400,000 MT more than their previous estimate although still 4.6% lower than last season's 50.1 MMT.

Wheat production has been revised upwards to 24.9 MMT, up 100,000 MT from previously, but still 4.25 lower than last season's 26.0 MMT.

Barley output will be 11.8 MMT they say, up 200,000 MT from their earlier estimate and now just 1.7% down on last season's 12.0 MMT.

Corn production will be 4.4 MMT (13.7% down on 5.1 MMT in 2008) and oilseed rape output 5.2 MMT (2% higher than last year's 5.1 MMT), they say.

German trading house Toepfer are a little more conservative, pegging the nation's grain crop at 46.5-47.5 MMT, of which wheat is estimated to be in the region of 24-25 MMT.

French analysts Strategie Grains pegged the German wheat crop at 24.5 MMT a fortnight ago, with barley coming in at 11.9 MMT.

Oil World recently said that German rapeseed production this year could reach a record 5.5 MMT.