USDA World Crop Production Numbers

In addition to US stocks data the USDA have also been consulting with clairvoyants for a stab at some fresh global crop production numbers, here's what they've come up with in MMT:

Australia wheat 23.00 23.00
Canada wheat 23.50 25.00
Argy wheat 9.50 11.00
China wheat 113.50 113.50
EU-27 wheat 134.65 135.96

So they've bitten some of the bullet and lopped 1.5 MMT off Canadian wheat, a not very daring 1.5 MMT off Argy wheat and 1.31 MMT off EU-27 wheat.

Production estimates for next season's South American beans are unchanged from the June estimate at 51 MMT for Argy and 60 MMT for Brazilian, that's an increase of 19 MMT for the Argies and 3 MMT for Brazil on 2008/09's crop.