German Production Estimates Cut

Hamburg-based Toepfer have reduced their German crop production estimates quite sharply from last month saying that the cold winter delayed crop maturity. In addition "dry conditions in the last six weeks and the extremely high daytime temperatures have affected the yield potential of crops in many places," they add.

Winter wheat production is now pegged at 23-24 MMT (down from an estimated 25.56 MMT just last month and 25.16 MMT in 2009). Barley output is now seen around 10 MMT (10.56 MMT; 12.29 MMT) and rapeseed production at 5.5 MMT (5.83 MMT; 6.31 MMT).

They also report that "the growing conditions for maize have been poor so far" estimating this year's crop at "just under" 4 MMT (4.47 MMT; 4.59 MMT). "However, precipitation in the next few weeks could again improve the situation for maize," they add.