UK Wheat Harvest 90 Percent Done

ADAS say that last weeks fine weather allowed the UK wheat harvest to progress to around 90% complete, with around 150,000 ha left to be cut mainly in Scotland and the North East.

"The average UK yield is estimated to be about 7.5-7.7t/ha, about 3-4% below the UK 5 year average (7.9t/ha). Impacts of August harvest delays on quality appear minimal," they say.

The winter barley harvest is all done, with yields below average at 6.2-6.3t/ha, whilst around 85% of the spring barley area has now been cut. "Average UK (spring barley) yields are estimated to be about 5.0-5.2t/ha, about 6% below the UK 5 year average (5.4t/ha). Quality remains good with high specific weights and good grain nitrogen levels, although there is some variability," they say.

Winter OSR harvesting is "almost complete" with average UK yields estimated to be about 3.7t/ha, an increase on the 5 year average (3.3t/ha). Good progress was made on spring oilseed rape during the last seven days with 62% of the UK area now harvested, they add.