Tesco My Arse

24/10/10 -- An article in the Telgraph over the weekend caught my eye, stating that High Street bully boy Tesco is refusing to accept price rises in the cost of Hovis from Premier Foods, and as such is pulling several Hovis lines from it's shelves.

Britain's best selling supermarket chain, who reputedly make GBP6,000/minute, would doubtless say that they are only trying to help the housewife in these difficult times.

The Premier Foods spokesperson mentioned in the article was very restrained and tight-lipped, conscious no doubt of the implications of speaking out with regards to other leading products in the PF stable like Bisto and Mr Kipling cakes.

The case for a price rise is abundantly clear, as even your average housewife now knows about Russia's wheat problems this year.

Of course Tesco is having none of it. Have they even considered that maybe your average housewife wouldn't actually mind paying a bit more for her in-store Hovis, particularly as it is made form 100% British wheat. Surely if the Tesco fascists are really concerned about helping the housewife it wouldn't do any harm to offer her with a choice would it?

They could even go the whole hog and help the British farmer AND the housewife by absorbing the price increase themselves, and settle for making just GBP5999/minute instead. But of course we all know that isn't going to happen don't we?

I suggest that we all say bollocks to Tesco and go and spend our hard-earned elsewhere, and whilst you're in there pick up a Hovis Seed Sensations loaf. Hovis are donating 4p off every one of those sold to the Royal British Legion’s annual Poppy Appeal.