Be Careful What You Wish For

16/04/11 -- Whilst western European growers are watching the skies for rain, yet again they've got far too much of the wet stuff to crack on with spring plantings on the Canadian Prairies.

My man Brad in Saskatchewan, who was amongst the first to flag up large scale flooding in the province last year, has done it again sending me footage from the air via this little YouTube video here.

That was shot in the Estevan/Torquay area of SE Saskatchewan, just over the border from North Dakota.

"This past fall we froze up at full saturation point and we had a fairly high amount of snow. Flooding is now predicted to exceed 100 year high marks through vast areas. Our area received up to 6 inches more wet snow last night. A very large percentage of the grid road system throughout Western Canada has flooded sections and heavy truck travel has been virtually suspended. If we have a May/June similar to last year Western Canada will be essentially unseeded. And the upper Mid West States are faring little better. Smoke that!" says Brad.

I don't smoke, Brad, I'm a clean living boy who simply sups the odd pint now and again just to be sociable like. Now that we've cleared that one up the next question to which we need to know the answer to is this: Is it true that bears really do conduct their dirty business in the woods over there? Have the council provided them with no toilet facilities whatsoever? Or do they have them, but they simply chose not to use them the dirty buggers? A bit like gypsies, but without the bling. Or a caravan, obviously. Come to think of it you never see a bear in a caravan do you, why is that I wonder? They're probably too busy writing letters of complaint to the council I reckon.