Bloody Computers (Again)

28/07/11 -- Here we go again, another rant about bloody computers, and for once Richard Branson isn't to blame. When I say computers, in this case I actually mean routers. With the kids hols upon us I thought that upgrading to a dogs wotsits high speed super fast one was probably a good idea.

It won't surprise you to hear though that it wasn't. So here we are less than an hour away from Chicago opening and what they say will be a ten minute set-up jobbie that I started at 10am is just about complete. Only the new all-singing, all-dancing bloody thing is slower than what we have before. Great.

So now I either uninstall the whole bloody thing and switch back to the old one, smashing my new one into a million pieces just for a laugh or put up with a slug.

There is a third possibility though, every kid in the neighbourhood is battering the hell out of his xBox Live right now and things will return to normal in September when the little sods all go back to school.

Super fast fibre optic broadband my arse. It IS your fault after all Branson. If I ever get to meet you I'm going to kick you up the arse so hard you'll be winging your way across the room faster than anything that your poxy "service" can offer.