Saving The Planet Is So Bloody Boring Isn't It?

01/09/11 -- BOCM Pauls have secured a GBP90 million lending package from Lloyds TSB, according to this report.

Some of the money will be used to reduce CO2 emissions at its mills.

If it was down to me however, I'd draw out GBP89,999,999 immediately and spend it on essentials like having a "bit of a dabble" on the old gee gees and then use the rest of it to host a massive alcohol-fueled party in which naked dancing girls would be flown in from all around the globe to fill a jacuzzi the size of Bury St Edmunds.

Then, once the girls had been flown back home again and we'd tidied the place up a bit, we could sit down and see what we'd got left. Get some sandwiches in and a few crates of beer, obviously, and have a little chat about this CO2 thingy. I mean we've managed alright up until now haven't we? Let's put it on the back burner until next year, we'll get another "package" then won't we? Blimey, is that the time, they'll be open in half an hour. If the bank ring tell them that I've gone for an early business lunch...

Sorted, and no harm done eh?