Dave as a boy

My word, this is me (left) and Dave (right) taken on the doorsteps of our boyhood home in Toxteth, L8.

Even to this day I worry about his hand getting caught in the door.

The cheeky grin stuck with him all his life. For the record my suit was for a navy captain and Dave's was a cowboy ;-)

Dave Norris - Blogger, Raconteur, Brother, Father, Artist

Over the next week or so leading up to what would have been Dave's 60th birthday on 26th March, I will be posting some old photos and Dave related memorabilia. 

This was taken on lads only holiday in Mijas, with Dave wearing his beloved I am Spartacus t-shirt.

Only Dave could come up with a very sweary blog where his alter ego is a Border Terrier with Tourette's. I think he used to do his normal blog posts on EU and US Grain markets and then cut loose after a few (quite a few) beers and have a good rant.

I know how he feels. Stay woof !