Dave would have been 60 today

Here he is as a baby, with his Gran Hilda, probably in a caravan in Rhyl

We all miss him

You love Everton more than me

Dave loved football esp the Everton team of the mid 80s, Big Nev in goal, Ratters and Mountfield, Bracewell, Tricky Trev and Inchy, Sharpy and the brilliant Andy Gray up front.

Old joke:

Wife: sometimes I think you love Everton more than you love me?

Husband: don’t be daft, I love Liverpool more than I love you!

l-r me, Dave, and Neil

A potted history of Noggers Blog

This week is Dave's birthday week. He would have been 60 this coming Friday, March 26th.

I think way back in 2009 he was starting to think about blogging and market data. Over a cup of tea at my house in Knaresborough, he said to me "Mike, could you write a program to do x?". "x" means collating market data from various sources and make that available. I thought about it and said "yeah probably".

Dave was also keen to try out using my iMac to record some videos; so I think we did his first demo to camera (the iMac) in my small study.

Noggers Blog changed utterly from there. The first version was written in VB, the next in Visual Sudio C#, the third in an automation tool. The current version runs in that there cloud. 

Dave was a pioneer in blogging; he worked hard at it and he played hard too ;-) I think the pinnacle of his success was in the 2011-2015 era when he had his own spot with Bloomberg, he loved that. 

A few years ago after he passed away I had a bash at writing an Amazon Alexa skill that broadcast the contents of the rude Dog's Blog, sadly it was banned by Amazon. Dave would have chuckled at that.

What's really amazes is how we used it still is in the trade. I recently added Google Analytics to the blog and here is a snapshot of today's users. There are folks all over the world who use it.

Dave would be very proud of that - all from a conversation over a cup of tea (he brought the milk).